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Cost-effective office automation

Buying a multifunction printer can represent a big cash outlay for any business. Printer leasing instead of buying can help you improve your cash flow and still give you the devices you need to obtain and maintain a competitive advantage.

Renting your printer from Raydian is a cost-effective way of meeting your office requirements. Our rental agreements reduce the need for initial capital expenditure, and include a maintenance and service plan for peace of mind.


  • Tailored pricing models to specifically suit your unique requirements
  • Upgrade when you need to – as your hardware needs evolve, leasing makes them easier to meet and manage
  • Keep your equipment fresh by planning your lease terms to coincide with the replacement cycle for your hardware
  • Preserve working capital and avoid the potentially large initial cost of buying equipment outright
  • Lease payments quickly become a monthly part of your bottom line
  • Roll the cost of consumables and maintenance into the fixed cost of your monthly payment
  • Rental payments are tax deductible
  • Off balance sheet financing
  • Tax- and cost-effective.
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