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No it is not, Raydian can optimise your printer fleet and in doing so reduce your monthly print cost by up to 50% without reducing the number of printers in your fleet.

Yes, we can. We have numerous leading multi-functional device ranges in our product offering  as well as being an HP Gold Partner and an accredited supplier of the ITEC range.

Not necessarily. Raydian can reduce your print costs on the printers your company has without replacing them, but in some instances we could illustrate further cost savings by replacing certain selected devices.

One of Raydian’s Account Executives can schedule an onsite analysis at no cost to your company. Using a combination of our industry experience and tailor made software;  we will provide you with a comprehensive cost, volume and need analysis on all of your business’ current prints, copies and faxes.

By taking advantage of Raydian’s print optimisation strategy, coupled with our generic print management software, you can reduce printing, copying and faxing volumes by up to 50%.

Raydian is a multi-branded office automation company with the added benefit of being able to “on-board” existing fleets of printers already owned by your business. This ensures that we are able to genuinely offer an end to end solution that is completely unique, whilst offering unbiased, non brand-specific advice.

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